Gear for Comfortable Walking Trips

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To make regular walks and hikes only bring joy and benefit, it is very important to properly choose clothes, shoes and equipment for walking. Comfortable gear will allow you to fully focus on the route and surrounding nature without being distracted by external discomfort. Let’s take a close look at how to choose optimal clothing, footwear and accessories for walking trips.

How to Choose Comfortable Walking Shoes

Proper footwear is the key to comfort during any walk. For regular walking tours, hiking boots or quality sneakers are best suited. The main criteria when choosing:

  • Good cushioning and flexible sole to soften ground impact and foot fatigue.
  • Precise size and snug fit on the foot so that it does not slip inside during walking.
  • Ventilation holes and quick-drying materials so feet do not sweat.
  • Comfortable, soft and warm inner lining for foot comfort.

Only in properly sized shoes with optimal fit and cushioning will your feet feel comfortable even after many hours of walking. And if you are planning a bike date, pay attention to the fact that this footwear will also be convenient for cyclists.

How to Choose Suitable Clothes for Walking

Choosing proper clothes for a walk is equally important. Important criteria:

In summer, it is better to wear lightweight, loose clothing made of natural breathable fabrics that wick moisture.

In winter, a warm yet windproof jacket and pants made of membrane or fleece fabrics are necessary, along with gloves, a hat, a scarf.

In rain, 100% waterproof gear is ideal: jacket, pants, raincoat or umbrella.

Shirts and blouses in a loose fit that do not restrict movement are perfect.

Thus, walking clothes should correspond to weather conditions and provide a comfortable body temperature during walking. If you are interested in the benefits of walking and cycling for health, chosen clothes should also match this.

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How to Choose a Comfortable Backpack for Walking

Another important element of walking gear is a backpack. When choosing, pay attention to:

  • Optimal volume of 10 to 30 liters depending on the trip duration.
  • Presence of a profiled back and soft padded straps with suspension so shoulders do not get tired.
  • Ventilated mesh back for airflow.
  • Different compartments and pockets to distribute load.
  • Overall backpack weight – lightweight models up to 1 kg are most comfortable.

A good backpack will evenly distribute the weight of belongings and significantly facilitate walking any distance. When choosing, pay attention to backpacks that are convenient for use on long bike trips.

What Accessories to Take for a Comfortable Walk

Additional accessories can also make a walking trip much more pleasant:

  • Trekking poles take strain off legs and back.
  • Sunglasses and a cap protect eyes and head from the sun.
  • Sports watch with GPS to track route and pulse.
  • Motivating music from a player to liven up boring sections.
  • Water bottle and snacks prevent hunger and thirst.
  • Compact first aid kit and personal medications can come in handy in an emergency.

Such simple accessories can make any walk much more enjoyable and comfortable.


In summary, let’s once again note that proper gear selection is critical for enjoying walking trips. Take time to choose comfortable functional shoes, clothes, backpack and accessories before your walk – and you will be rewarded with comfort and joy from every mile traveled!

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