About us

Our story

BikeWalkWeek embarked on its journey in 2007 with a simple idea — to unite individuals passionately devoted to cycling and walking into a cohesive community that values an active lifestyle and environmental stewardship.

Since then, our story has evolved, becoming more enriching and inspiring each passing year. In the early days, we were a small group of enthusiasts dreaming of a greener and healthier future. Over time, our community has grown, transforming into a genuine movement that shelters thousands of individuals who share our values.

We’ve hosted numerous Bike Walk Weeks, where participants not only relished bike rides and walks but actively contributed to a sustainable future. We’ve witnessed ideas turning into tangible changes, and the smiles of participants becoming a manifestation of care for oneself, others, and the environment.

Today, BikeWalkWeek continues its mission, aspiring to inspire people towards activity and a responsible way of life. We express gratitude to everyone who joined us on this exciting journey. Let’s overcome the path to health, sustainability, and an inspiring way of life together!

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About Us in Numbers

15+ Years

8 Countries

50,000+ members

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Our values

At BikeWalkWeek, our foundation is built on a set of core values that steer us towards a future of positive impact and shared well-being.

Sustainability: We believe in the power of sustainable living. By promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation and encouraging responsible choices, we strive to create a world where every action contributes to the health of our planet.


Active Lifestyle: An active lifestyle is at the heart of our mission. We value the physical and mental benefits of cycling and walking, fostering a community that embraces the joy of movement and cherishes the transformative power of exercise.


Community Engagement: Building connections is key to our journey. We cherish the sense of community that emerges from shared experiences. BikeWalkWeek is not just an event; it’s a platform for people to come together, forge friendships, and collectively work towards a brighter, healthier future.


Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to being stewards of the environment. Through our initiatives, we aim to inspire individuals to adopt practices that preserve and protect our natural surroundings, leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.


Empowerment: BikeWalkWeek empowers individuals to make a difference. We believe that every stride, every pedal, and every participant contributes to a larger movement for positive change. Together, we empower ourselves and others to lead a life filled with purpose and impact.