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Shared lane? Bike Lane? What’s the difference and who has the right of way when?

Remembering everything from driver’s education is hard, add in that laws are changed and added every year and you may feel overwhelmed. Have no fear! Bike Walk Week has assembled some of the most helpful information and videos created by our region to help you understand the laws and do your part to create a safe environment for everyone.


Over the past two years, Minneapolis has doubled the miles of on-street bikeways. Whether you are driving a car or riding a bike, it is important that all road users know what all the new markings mean. Two new videos produced by the City of Minneapolis will help bicyclists and motorists better understand how to safely coexist on city streets. Check out the videos below and visit the Understanding New Bicycling Markings page for more information.


Minneapolis Know the Road: Bike Lanes


Minneapolis Know the Road: Shared Bike Lanes


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